Keno – the main Chinese heritage in the world of gambling

Keno – the main Chinese heritage in the world of gambling

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The first games of chance appeared for a long time. Thirst for mankind to feelings of excitement and adrenaline resulted in the creation of a huge gambling industry, which brings billions of dollars in revenue. Keno Lottery – one of the oldest gambling entertainment.

The story of

This game of chance is considered one of the oldest, since its roots back in the 200s BC. Chinese ruler Chen Lin led a protracted war, which took a lot of money. Once the people have ceased to pay for military training, and then the cunning Emperor invented an original way to replenish the war chest: he invented the game, which is as close to a modern version of Keno. The only difference – used characters instead of numbers and there were 120 pieces, not 80.

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The game immediately gained immense popularity and stable revenues began to flow into the city budget.

The modern version

Many centuries about this game only knew in her homeland, and only in the late 19th century, it could be in the United States. There it was brought overseas Chinese, who are in search of a better life threw home and went on a long journey to another continent.

Basically, the Chinese mastered the territory of San Francisco, where the game and start your way on American soil. First, the United States, this lottery is not popular – all game characters have been completely understandable for the local population. But soon the characters were replaced by clear all the numbers and their number decreased to 80.

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In the early 30-ies of the last century, the US government decided to legalize gambling in Nevada, but the lottery still remained banned. However clever and quirky owners gambling houses have found a way around this taboo – they just decided to rename the game! Since then, the casino of the country, it was called “horse race keno ‘, where the numbers correspond to the horse’s symbols, which were allowed to bid.

Soon in Nevada has been a ban on horse racing, then the name of the lottery has changed again: not much wiser and just threw the first two words, leaving a “Keno.” In this interpretation of the game and it has reached our days.

A short set of rules

Keno is very similar to our usual bingo, but here the player appears much more possibilities. Before you start drawing you offered yourself to guess from one to ten numbers out of eighty. Then everything is simple – the more balls you guessed it, the greater will be your gain! In Keno it is now possible to play real casino, where established and special Lotto draw held in front of you. You can also play in online schools. In this case, the winning combinations will be random number generator.

See how it happens here:

For years adventurers have tried to develop a winning strategy, but this they did not succeed!

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